Baker Manufacturing and the Contract Furniture Market

Baker Manufacturing entered the contract furniture market in 1954, becoming one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of institutional furniture for large-scale government and private sector contracts. In 1990, Baker began engineering height-adjustable tables and desks and quickly became a leading voice in the advancement of workplace ergonomics. Known for flexibility and configurability, Baker’s height adjustable product lines are designed to work in virtually any type of office layout,

from private offices to systems environments, to open plans. Recognizing the importance of sustainability, Baker became the first manufacturer to have its entire product line LEVEL certified. With the introduction of JRB Studio in 2012, Baker is joining with leading designers and engineers to redefine the next generation workplace. It is this long-standing commitment to innovative excellence that has made Baker a name synonymous with height adjustability and workplace ergonomics.

Innovation and Recognition

Baker's contract furniture division is a recognized leader in ergonomic innovation. Its M Collection™ product line received the ADEX Silver award, Good Design Award and is displayed at the Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design. Baker’s NEXT line of height-adjustable tables was first introduced at NeoCon in 2007 and was awarded a Best of NeoCon Gold Award for its innovative design and introduction of the independent table leg height adjustable mechanism to the market.

In 2012, Baker's brand JRB Studio, in partnership with industry-leading designer Thomas J. Newhouse, introduced Animate+ at NeoCon and also received a Best of NeoCon Gold Award for bringing to market a height-adjustable, table-based solution that provides distinctive flexibility, reconfigurability and affordability for the next generation ergonomic workplace. In 2013, JRB Studio was yet again recognized for its commitment to ergonomics and sustainability when it received a Best of NeoCon Silver Award for the Newhouse Footrest.


2013 – Newhouse Footrest wins Best of NeoCon Silver Award.

2012 – JRB Studio introduces Animate+ at NeoCon 2012. The Animate portfolio of products was designed by Thomas J. Newhouse, in collaboration with the design team at Baker.

2012 – Animate+ wins Best of NeoCon Gold Award

2012 – JRB Studio, a Baker Manufacturing brand, is introduced

2011 – Baker introduces Viso™ line to its collection of height adjustable furniture

2011 – Baker is the first company to have its entire product offering LEVEL certified

2007 – launched NEXT™ – another revolution in height-adjustable, free-standing tables

2007 – NEXT™ wins Best of NeoCon Gold Award

2006 – introduced M Collection™ Training and Learning Tables

2003 – co-developed M Collection™ free standing height-adjustable table systems with noted industrial designer Thomas J. Newhouse

2003 – M Collection™ receives ADEX Silver award, Good Design Award and is displayed at the Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design

1999 to 2010 – designed and manufactured the first ergonomic clerical counter for the US Postal Service based on key ergonomic criteria

1998 – launched Zydeco™– revolutionized height-adjustable furniture

1996 – launched Step One™ – an advanced height-adjustable system

1990 – formed Métier Division to produce high-functioning ergonomic height-adjustable systems

1970 to 1986 – world’s largest manufacturer of US Military wardrobes and lockers under GSA contract

1954 – entered into GSA contract, manufacturing institutional modular furniture for the US Military